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Coach Carter

So we lost our game on Friday. We went into overtime and everything. They made it in the last 3 seconds and we got the extra 4 minutes. So then we made a lay-up and we were up by two and within the last 2 seconds they just threw the ball up and made it in. The ref's counted it as a 3 pointer when it was CLEARLY a two pointer. One of the girl's dads got kicked out of the gym because he told the ref he was full of shit. It was great. The crowd was HUGE. We had the baseball team, the dance team, the cheerleaders, the wrestlers, our parents, the other teams fans, school security, as well as the principal, and AP :-0!! It's the greatest feeling in the world when you've got the fans screaming and everyone's all into it. It was unbelievable.

I saw Coach Carter last night. It was possibly the best movie I've seen in a looong time. It's mad inspirational too. I think I found my future husband. My god the guy in this movie was fucking hot!

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