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Can You Feel The Hotness?

Some pictures of our last season game... we're off to districts!!

Don't mind my whiteness...

Great picture...although I look fucking awful :)

The ride to Flanagan

Hittin up the vending machine before the game..

Why that's our cool coach...hawtie ;)

Flanagan called us crackers!!

Waiting for the game to start....

Kim shootin it up.. Those motherfuckers fouled like whoa

That's me (#21)In the back

Me again...Erin was shootin up

After the game.....

Alexa is sooooo hot .. gotta reel it out lol..


Kim and K-Money

D-Fab and Erin.. So Raw

Hell yeah

This is how we do.. ain't no side like the south side.. lol

Now That! That's attractive

Alexa lives for laughing!! lol that sounded so gay

It's not Western Wildcats.. It's Western Ducks

Fucking crackers

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