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...Stunningly Fickle

30 March
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My name is Brittany. I laugh, dance, sing, and model. I'm 5'10 with an awesome body. I'm very laid-back and extremely independent. I'm picky as hell but rather open-minded. I can see through people easily. Once you're on my bad side you're there forever. I hold grudges, I label people, and I can be bitter. On the contrary I can also be sweet, funny, and happily unpredictable. I keep things moving and fast-paced, I hate being in the same place for a long time. I'm impatient and pretty cocky. However those who know me, love me.

...Once you put your hand in the flame
You can never be the same
There's a certain satisfaction
In a little bit of pain
I can see you understand
I can tell that you're the same
If you're afraid, well rise above
I only hurt the ones I love...

B is for Bold
R is for Rude
I is for Intelligent
T is for Tempting
T is for Trendy
A is for Athletic
N is for Neglected
Y is for Young

How to make a Brittany

3 parts beauty

5 parts brilliance

1 part empathy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of emotion